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QFN-12 (0.4 mm pitch, 1.6 x 1.6 mm body) PCB and Stencil Kit
QFN-12 (0.4 mm pitch, 1.6 x 1.6 mm body) PCB and Stencil Kit
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Breakout Boards (With IC)

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24LC1026-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC1026-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC1026-I_SM
 $13.99  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC1026-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC1026-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC1026-I_SN
 $13.95  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC128 Breakout Board  24LC128 Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC128
 $10.34  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC128-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC128-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC128-I_MS
 $10.40  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC128-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC128-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC128-I_SM
 $10.36  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC128-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC128-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC128-I_SN
 $10.34  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC128T Breakout Board  24LC128T Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC128T
 $10.34  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC128T-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC128T-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC128T-I_SN
 $10.34  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16B Breakout Board  24LC16B Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC16B
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16B-E/SN Breakout Board  24LC16B-E/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC16B-E_SN
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16B-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC16B-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC16B-I_MS
 $9.98  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16B-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC16B-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC16B-I_SN
 $9.93  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16B/SN Breakout Board  24LC16B/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC16B_SN
 $9.93  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16BH Breakout Board  24LC16BH Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC16BH
 $9.98  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16BH-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC16BH-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC16BH-I_MS
 $9.98  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16BHT Breakout Board  24LC16BHT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC16BHT
 $9.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16BHT-I/OT Breakout Board  24LC16BHT-I/OT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC16BHT-I_OT
 $9.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16BT Breakout Board  24LC16BT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC16BT
 $9.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC16BT-I/OT Breakout Board  24LC16BT-I/OT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC16BT-I_OT
 $9.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC21/SN Breakout Board  24LC21/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC21_SN
 $10.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256 Breakout Board  24LC256 Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC256
 $10.67  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256-E/SN Breakout Board  24LC256-E/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC256-E_SN
 $10.76  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC256-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC256-I_MS
 $10.74  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC256-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC256-I_SM
 $10.71  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC256-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC256-I_SN
 $10.67  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256T Breakout Board  24LC256T Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC256T
 $10.67  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256T-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC256T-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC256T-I_MS
 $10.74  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC256T-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC256T-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC256T-I_SN
 $10.67  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32A Breakout Board  24LC32A Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC32A
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32A-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC32A-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC32A-I_MS
 $10.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32A-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC32A-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC32A-I_SM
 $10.05  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32A-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC32A-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC32A-I_SN
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32A/SN Breakout Board  24LC32A/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC32A_SN
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AF Breakout Board  24LC32AF Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC32AF
 $10.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AF-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC32AF-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC32AF-I_MS
 $10.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AFT Breakout Board  24LC32AFT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC32AFT
 $9.18  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AFT-I/OT Breakout Board  24LC32AFT-I/OT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC32AFT-I_OT
 $9.18  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AT Breakout Board  24LC32AT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC32AT
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AT-I/OT Breakout Board  24LC32AT-I/OT Breakout Board
Model #: PA0086-24LC32AT-I_OT
 $9.18  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC32AT-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC32AT-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC32AT-I_SN
 $10.02  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC512 Breakout Board  24LC512 Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC512
 $11.49  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC512-E/SM Breakout Board  24LC512-E/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC512-E_SM
 $11.61  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC512-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC512-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC512-I_SM
 $11.52  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC512-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC512-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC512-I_SN
 $11.49  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC515 Breakout Board  24LC515 Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC515
 $13.88  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC515-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC515-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC515-I_SM
 $13.88  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC64 Breakout Board  24LC64 Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC64
 $10.09  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC64-I/MS Breakout Board  24LC64-I/MS Breakout Board
Model #: PA0026-24LC64-I_MS
 $10.14  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC64-I/SM Breakout Board  24LC64-I/SM Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC64-I_SM
 $10.11  In Stock Buy Now 
24LC64-I/SN Breakout Board  24LC64-I/SN Breakout Board
Model #: PA0001-24LC64-I_SN
 $10.09  In Stock Buy Now 
Displaying 251 to 300 (of 2940 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 
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