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Test Socket for SOIC-8W Wide 1.27mm IC
Test Socket for SOIC-8W Wide 1.27mm IC
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Express IC Soldering Service
Proto Advantage Express IC Soldering Service
Do you want your SMT adapter to come pre-assembled with an IC? We offer two options for chip assembly:

1. Have us order your chips from Digi-key for you.
With this option you can order Digi-key parts right from our webpage. Here's how:
1. Simply choose the "pins and IC assembled" option from the assembly option dropdown list.
2. Enter your part number in the Digi-key P/N box.
3. Click 'Get Price'.
4. Click 'Add to Cart'.
5. Checkout.

We will then order your chips for you from Digi-key, solder them and ship them to you. This normally takes 1-3 business days from the day you order.

2. Ship us your IC's.
If your ICs are not available from Digi-key or you already have them, here is how to have us solder your parts:
1. Simply choose the "pins and IC assembled" option from the assembly option dropdown list.
2. Click 'Add to Cart'.
3. Do not enter anything into the Digi-key P/N box.
3. Checkout.
4. Send us your ICs. Make sure to include your order number on the shipping label! Here is the address to send your ICs to:
Attn: Soldering Service Department Order XXXX(You will receive an order number after checking out)
Unit 8 - 1500 Sandhill Dr.
Ancaster, ON
L9G 4V5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the process take?
A: The process usually takes 1-3 days if we order your parts from Digi-key. If you send us your parts it usually takes 1-2 days after we receive them.

Q: How do you solder the ICs?
A: We use our line of SMT stencils and a reflow oven. This ensures production quality solder joints on all adapters we solder. We visually inspect each adapter before it leaves, so occasionally we touch up a solder joint by hand.

Q: How do you Control ESD?
A: We prepare all ICs for assembly in an ESD safe environment. All ICs are shipped out in ESD safe packaging.

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