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BGA Adapters (32)
Breadboards (65)
Breakout Boards (With IC)
Connector Adapters (32)
DIP to DIP (29)
Discrete to TH (39)
Dual Row to DIP (187)
Dual Row to Dual Row (44)
FPC/FFC to DIP (30)
Headers (45)
Logic ICs to DIP (7)
Pitch Changers (114)
Plastic Case PCBs (5)
Practice Kits (2)
Retail (45)
SMT to DIP (569)
SMT to PGA (32)
SMT to SIP (63)
Socket to DIP (16)
Specific Function (21)
Stencil Kits (595)
TH to SIP (30)
Tools & Parts (96)
Tools - Development (21)
Adapter Selection Guide
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Dual Row 2.54mm Pitch 24-Pin to Dual Row 2.54mm Pitch Adapter
Dual Row 2.54mm Pitch 24-Pin to Dual Row 2.54mm Pitch Adapter
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What we do
We are a group of skilled electronic and industrial designers that specialize in low voltage mixed signal product design. We have worked in a wide array of industries including: automotive, medical and aerospace. Our approach to design is to focus on the end user experience in using a product rather than focusing on using the most high tech solution to fix the problem. We believe the end user's experience is what drives the success of a project, not how technologically advanced the product is.
Why Choose us?
Our Experience Means Your Success
Our team of designers are well trained and well educated. All of our designers have worked previously as designers in high reliability industries such as aerospace and medical. Also, most of our designers hold post graduate degrees in the electrical engineering discipline. As your partner it's our job to make sure your product is designed well to ensure it is a technical success.

Our Partnerships
Not only is our company a team of highly skilled electrical designers, but over the years we have vertically integrated and aligned ourselves with some of the best people in the electronics prototyping and manufacturing industry. This means that when your project is complete we don't just "throw the design over the wall to manufacturing" we work with manufacturers to ensure your end product is produced efficiently and reliably. Additionally, because of our relationships with manufacturing, we take manufacturability into account when we design, which is not true of many design firms. Our close ties to the prototyping industry also allow us to design your product faster and cheaper than most other firms.
A Little More about our Services

Our rates start at $75 an hour. We also provide fixed fee services.

Circuit Design Examples
Microcontroller Systems, LED Lighting Systems, Interactive Games, RF Modules, DC Motor Controllers, Voice Coil Controllers, Piezo Motor Drivers, High Power Switchers, Amplifiers, Analog Front Ends, FPGA based HD Video Converters, Environmental Monitors, Ethernet Controllers and Interface Cards, Position Locators, Asset Tracking, Battery Operated Devices (Li-Ion, Ni-MH), Power Supplies, Protection Circuits, Automotive Dataloggers, Handheld Digital Devices, Power Bus Architectures, Communication Systems, IC Evaluation Modules, Custom Adapters, IC Burn-In Sockets, IC Package Converters, Interposers, DIP replacement Modules, EEG, ECG, Muscle Stimulators, Rigid Flex Interconnects, -40 to +85C Environmental Monitors, High Vibration Helicopter Platforms.

Communication Standards Examples
Bluetooth, Zigbee, Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN Bus, 1553, GPS, WiFi

Design Standards
IPC-7351, IPC Class 2, IPC Class 3, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704F, RTCA-DO-160E,

Firmware Examples
C#, C, Assembly, etc.

Contact us
Proto Advantage is dedicated to designing electrical devices for both small businesses and large corporations. For more information, and to see how Proto Advantage can help design your hardware today, please email us at or call 1-888-880-0297.

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